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Data and journeys to help marketers

How to solve the pains of the marketers using marketing automation strategy and key elements such as data and journeys?

Jonathan Wuurman tackled this topic for BAM’s attendees of the Marketing Days 2019. This was a unique opportunity to share with passionate marketeers seeking inspiration. If you didn’t have the chance to attend this event, that’s fine: let’s talk about this topic together. However, you should make sure not to miss any other presentations we might hold in the future, and subscribe to our newsletter to get our best content on marketing automation!


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We all know that clients need experiences. Because these will make them feel heard and understood. Experiences also grow your business and help your brand gain loyalty from customers. It's what marketing is all about, isn't it? Knowing how to promote the best product in the right place and for a relevant price. It's the four P's of Marketing Mix we've all come across at some point. However, Jonathan Wuurman suggests a fifth one: PURPOSE. Why do we do marketing? To make our customers happy. Because a satisfied customer means a good business and a greater brand loyalty. The purpose is then to maintain a longer relation with customers, to be able to nurture them because they are the focal  point.

Now that we've made that clear, how to nurture them after we've been in contact once?

Retargeting is obviously the well-known way to activate customers, but relevant targeting is essential. Let's take Jonathan's example about his holiday plans, because you've experienced the exact same situation. Summer is coming and you are looking for holiday plans. You spend half an hour on the page of a modest pleasant hotel that would suit both your budget and holiday needs and then, you end up looking at this huge 5 stars-all in village hotel very expensive, but for about 10 minutes. Still, you're likely to be retargeted with a focal on the latest. Remember, the focus is on the purpose, not the product.

In a study that ACTITO launched a few month ago, we found out that a great majority of the respondents (83%) agrees that customer centricity is a strategic priority. And this is possible with marketing automation as automated programs enable you to acquire conversations. The purpose is to avoid building irrelevant conversations that will lead to an important number of opt-out or spams (because these can hurt your deliverability).

So what is the key element that one must use when building a marketing automation strategy?

DATA. Data is gold and for marketeers, it is even more essential as data is the glue that will make your relation with your customers last. However, using basic data only, such as age, sex, name, is not enough. You can go further, using data that gives you more information on the behavior of the customer: when did (s)he last open an email? On which call to action did (s)he click ?  What about their interest, their family information, their location, etc ? These information are gold. These detailed data will activate journeys through which you can learn continuously. All of these using a marketing automation platform, of course. But also, by making sure that these data are updated and recent. Having a lot of data is good. But having the most relevant ones is way better. These will help you to get in touch with your customers. And then, they’ll have the feeling that you know what they need. And they’ll know that you are ready to help them. Because acquiring customers seems easy but the real trick is to keep them.

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