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End of Summer Release 2016

A lot has happened since the Spring Release, including significant improvements on the mobile front – both SMS and push notifications – and new transactional email and e-commerce offerings.

New push notification channel for iOS and Android

You can now send push notifications to your mobile app users. Use this channel for immediate broadcast campaigns or event-triggered scenarios. If relevant, push notifications can be used in conjunction with SMS to increase customer engagement.



Fully revamped SMS channel

The SMS channel has been updated to add more power while maintaining ease of use.

Highlights include:

  • Rich SMS: embed a short URL in a SMS which links to a personalized landing page. As you would expect, all clicks are tracked so you can trace the customer journey;
  • Transactional SMS: differentiate transactional and marketing SMS with high-priority processing;
  • Personalize your SMS with all the information from your ACTITO data model including the purchase date, store details or the total amount of the customer’s latest purchase.

Rich SMS

High-Priority Transactional Emails

In addition to the marketing emails you all know and love, ACTITO now offers transactional emails, with special handling to ensure immediate processing and fast send-out. These can be triggered either by an event – i.e. through a scenario – or via an API call from your back-offices.

In addition to a dedicated infrastructure which ensures speed and reliability, ACTITO offers specific alerting, monitoring and reporting tools and processes for transactional emails.

Transactional Email

Flexible e-commerce API

E-Commerce API

ACTITO models are now accessible across any e-commerce platform – Prestashop, Shopify, Drupal or even your own custom-developed shop – through our e-commerce API.

Transfer your e-shop data including customer order details and abandoned carts to ACTITO and leverage powerful e-commerce marketing automation scenarios such as welcome emails, birthday offers, restock reminders, after-sales surveys or abandoned cart reminders.