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How to convince your management to invest in marketing automation?

Putting your customer at the center of your strategy is a necessity, good technology is part of the solution

The number of communication channels is growing incrementally. Consumers have an endless range of options to engage with your brand. All it takes is a few clicks to find information, read comparative reviews from other online users to learn more about you, your product or your service. But you already know this. Customers know what they want and what they expect from you: fast, easy and direct communication, that is relevant and in line with their request. Which is why you must adapt your marketing strategy and use a marketing automation tool. Or in any event, that’s what you should do if you want to better calibrate your customer relations! Is that what you want to do? Good. Just follow the guide…


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Brands have a tendency to lose sight of the number of messages they send to their customers. We’ve all been “bombarded” with emails that are rarely pertinent or sponsored marketing campaigns with limited relevance at some point. Consumers are constantly being solicited. But they aren’t stupid either: sometimes these messages are not in any way linked to their needs and wishes. Why target your customer with a marketing campaign with family promotions when you already have his information and know that he’s single? It’s a great way to make your customer lose all interest in your promotion and brand in no time at all. Worse yet, he may never buy from you again and kick you out.





Every day, 269 billion e-mails are sent (Statista 2017)



Campagne Promotionnelle

49% of all consumers are willing to receive one promotional campaign a week (Statista 2017)

Emails envoyés par jour

The average return for every dollar you invest in email marketing is 32 USD (DMA)

There is a very easy way to do this too: “mark as spam”. Customers, who are inundated with this badly targeted and uninteresting information, which, to top it all off, is not even personalized, have no qualms about marking your message as unwanted. While this is a small gesture for them, this affects your performance, as well as your conversion and engagement rates. Without even mentioning the impact on your ROI. A sad consequence, which could have been avoided entirely.

Because today’s consumers are more alert, better informed and autonomous, the marketing mix must evolve accordingly to include the idea of hyper-personalization. It’s not enough to address them by their first name. You can go even further: the content, the channel and the timing of your message can all help you achieve this level of hyper-personalization. Marketing professionals can no longer impose their choices on customers that easily. If you listen them, understand and establish a relationship of trust with them, based on a promise of customized value, you will be able to develop an optimal, long-term give-and-take relationship with them.

You must communicate with them, in a personalized manner at key times, with relevant content, taking into account the data you have about their profile and the actions they may have already taken during their customer journey. Naturally, it’s also important to check that you must send THIS message to THIS customer! And you can do all this very easily with marketing automation.

In short, if you are interested in the automation and personalization of your omnichannel communication, then you must choose a customer-centric marketing approach, keeping in touch with your consumer throughout the purchasing process. What results can you expect?

- 50% higher open rate,
- Higher ROI,
- Relevant brand positioning,
- Increased customer loyalty,
- ...

Thanks to our ACTITO marketing automation platform, you can use the data you have on your customer to target them with marketing actions during their customer journey and develop the relationship you dream of having with them: an effective and optimal, personalized and multi-channel relationship.

Do you want to find out more about what you can do with the ACTITO marketing automation platform? Well, we have some good news for you! Just contact us to request a demo. If you are merely interested in learning more and talking to one of the members of the ACTITO team, then get in touch with us through our marketing automation platform. Because, yes, at ACTITO we walk the talk!

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