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How to recover abandoned carts?

How to make the most of email to recover abandoned shopping carts?

Nearly 75% of shopping carts or baskets are abandoned by consumers on e-commerce sites. This represents several billion euros of lost revenues for online retailers each year. Email is the ideal way to remind the “abandoners” and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Reasons for abandoning a shopping cart
There is a wide range of reasons why consumers may abandon their shopping cart:
- technical reasons: computer crash, internet outage, accidental closing of a window, etc.
- reasons to do with concerns about the security of the site: no SSL certificate, lack of confidence in the means of payment, etc.
- problems with understanding the page confirming the purchase,
- problems with the means of payment,
- or the consumer has simply not yet decided!

For each of these reasons, there is a way to help resume the purchasing process using email. Reminding the “abandoners” offers online retailers considerable advantage in terms of additional turnover, as well as providing a way for them to stand out from amongst  their competitors.

This article is intended to shed light on the main features of an effective reminder process:

1° Collect customers’ email addresses as early as possible in the purchasing process
Without the email address, of course, you won’t be able to send them a reminder. So encourage customers to provide their email address as soon as they have chosen a product to place in the shopping cart, if the customer’s details are not yet known to your company.

2° Determine the ideal moment to send the reminder
We can assume that the farther along the customer is in the purchasing process, the more important it is to act quickly. If he or she is at the first stage of the process, this may mean the transaction has not yet matured. Two or three additional days may enable the consumer to reach a decision. However, if the purchase is abandoned because of a problem with payment, we can consider that the customer is ready to complete the purchase immediately, and it is best to provide without delay the elements that can permit the process to be completed.

3° Don't necessarily offer a discount when sending the reminder
It is not advisable to offer a discount, so as not to encourage consumers to adopt the strategy of abandoning their shopping cart just before payment in order to receive a discount.

4° Invoke urgency
An effective means of persuading customers to complete their purchase is to mention that there is a limited supply of certain articles in the cart and that unless the customer acts quickly, they may no longer be available!

5° Work on the content of the reminder email
The content of the reminder email and the tone in which it is written is of fundamental importance. Consumer may be surprised to receive an email inviting them to complete their purchase. It is important from the outset to allay any sense of pressure.

One way to do this is to adopt a helpful tone, such as a message from customer service offering to resolve any problem they may have had. For example, “Did you encounter a problem when placing your order?”

As for the contents of the message itself, it’s a good idea to indicate what the abandoned cart contains, possibly via images, to avoid any confusion, especially if the customer may have abandoned other carts subsequently.

The reminder email also offers the opportunity to recommend complementary items to your customer (up- and cross-selling).

6° Use the right tools
The e-commerce platforms on the market generally offer basic functionalities for generating an email reminder. However, these are often limited in the range of options they offer to personalize the messages and vary the dialogues.

In order to maximize the results of such reminder campaigns, it is best to use specialized Marketing Automation tools, which offer connections to these platforms. ACTITO thus has a connector to Magento, the most widely used platform on the market, as well as to API, making it easy to send an email in the event that a shopping cart has been abandoned.

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