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Hyundai develops a relational marketing strategy

The efficient and quick deployment of a relational marketing project : the Hyundai story

Hyundai is a major player in the global automobile industry, with almost 500,000 vehicles sold a year in Europe and 28,000 new license numbers a year in France. The company also boasts a range of renewed and modernized vehicles, of which almost 80% are of the new generation. Hyundai has more than 180 points of sale in France and an undeniable presence in the world of automobile innovation. The French branch of Hyundai chose ACTITO to implement new tools within the scope of its cross-channel client marketing strategy. During an ACTITO event, Jean-Baptiste Giraud, Digital & CRM Manager at Hyundai Motor France shared the company’s experiences.


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A radical change in Hyundai’s CRM strategy 

Due to the heterogeneity of their marketing tools and their desire for interoperability, Hyundai’s marketing teams decided to completely revisit their strategy. Hyundai now uses the ACTITO solution to manage a complete and more functional client database and to create personalized marketing campaigns. Since Hyundai wanted to create automated reminder programs at key moments in the lifecycle of sold vehicles, the new solution had to provide better management and activation of the marketing scenarios linked to the post-sale service.

Thanks to an active support from the ACTITO teams, it took only eight weeks to install and activate the first scenarios suggested by ACTITO. Afterwards, only two half-days were needed to learn to use the ACTITO platform and produce various scenarios, from the simplest ones to the most complex ones.

The collaboration between ACTITO and Hyundai 

“Before using the ACTITO platform, our client database wasn’t very functional. Direct marketing campaigns were made up of a bunch of actions that required exporting data. Centralizing it on one marketing automation platform is now obvious to us”, explains Jean-Baptiste Giraud, Digital & CRM Manager at Hyundai Motor France.

“We chose the ACTITO platform for its flexibility and user-friendliness. The agility and service-mindedness of the solution sold us on it. Thanks to this tool, our marketing team has taken a giant step forward, and we’re sure to use it in the future to further personalize our messages”, tells Jean-Baptiste Giraud, Digital & CRM Manager at Hyundai Motor France.

“We’re happy to collaborate with one of the major players of the automobile sector and are proud to be able to support them in implementing their marketing strategy. Today, the Hyundai France teams can count on a real ROI as a result of the reminder campaigns (200 appointments made a month on average). ACTITO has successfully met their needs, and we would be thrilled to support them on the long term”, explains Marc Désenfant, CEO of ACTITO France.


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