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Hyundai France rethinks its relationship marketing strategy

Hyundai France rethinks its relationship marketing strategy

The French subsidiary of Hyundai, the world’s fifth largest automaker, with a fleet of 320,000 vehicles in France, has chosen Actito to develop new tools in line with its cross-channel customer marketing strategy. 

Customer benefits:

- Centralisation of all marketing tools with a unique, new generation solution
- Creation of a programme for the automated and custom follow-up of the customers’ and vehicles’ lifecycles
- SaaS-based application architecture, ergonomics and flexibility that perfectly adapt to the car maker’s needs as they change
- The CRM team’s productivity and performance is improved

Hyundai’s CRM strategy has radically changed  

The heterogeneity of the available marketing tools and the desire to ensure their interoperability prompted the marketing teams of Hyundai France to completely rethink their strategy. One year ago, Hyundai France started using ACTITO for the management of a more complete and functional customer database and to develop personalised marketing campaigns. 

Hyundai France wanted to put in place automated programmes for following up on key moments in the lifecycle of its vehicles. The new solution had to allow them to better manage the marketing scripts that are the cornerstone of the car maker’s after-sales service, making them more effective.

The specifications were very precise: the car maker wanted to be able to contact 100% of its buyers. The new solution therefore had to be capable of storing all the customer data pertaining to their profile and vehicle and take into account every customer’s preferences about communication channels. The ACTITO solution was chosen to achieve all of Hyundai France’s objectives.

Before we started to use the ACTITO platform, our customer database was anything but functional. Our direct marketing campaigns involved a multitude of actions and data exports. It became obvious that all this had to be centralised in one marketing automation platform”, said Jean-Baptiste Giraud, Digital & CRM Manager Hyundai Motor France.

Thanks to the active guidance and support of the ACTITO teams, it took just eight weeks to install and activate the first scripts that ACTITO proposed. Afterwards, it took the team two half-days to learn how to use the ACTITO platform and activate the various scripts, from the simplest ones to the more complex ones.

Hyundai after-sales: so how does it work?

From now on, Hyundai France’s marketing campaigns are primarily based on the automated sending of messages inviting customers to make an appointment to have their vehicle serviced after purchase, i.e., the first servicing, tire change, and so on. The various target audiences are covered thanks to a multi-channel approach.

Contacts for whom Hyundai France has no e-mail address or customers who did not make an appointment with their dealer after the first e-mail reminder receive a personalised text message, which is generated and sent by the ACTITO script.  If Hyundai has neither an e-mail address nor a mobile phone number for the customer, the script can transfer an action to the call centre, which has the customer’s land line number and ensure that the customer is called so he makes an appointment.

The process is automated end-to-end, which increases productivity and performance.  

We chose the ACTITO platform because it is flexible and easy to use. We were impressed with its agility and the service mindset of its editor. We fully automated our marketing service with this tool and we will use it in the future to personalise our messages even more”, adds Jean-Baptiste Giraud, Digital & CRM Manager at Hyundai Motor France.

We are very satisfied about the partnership with one of the leading players in the auto industry and are proud to help them implement a new marketing strategy. The Hyundai France teams can now rely on a real ROI (200 appointments made every month) after the follow-up campaigns. ACTITO has succeeded in providing an efficient response to their needs and we will gladly assist them in the long term”, says Marc Désenfant, CEO of ACTITO France.