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Infographic: Mobile marketing for a contextualized user experience

Mobile marketing for a contextualized user experience


While businesses and e-retailers in particular, tend to prefer email as a communication channel, the latter are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mobile in their marketing strategy.

Mobile devices are now people’s preferred electronic device. That is why mobile marketing has become a vital part of any cross-channel marketing strategy in recent years. Welcome to the “mobile first” era, in which individuals can’t live without their smartphones, which serve as a stepping stone to all communication channels.


Mobile has an increasing number of uses

As a gateway to the internet, mobile phones have become an almost permanent extension of our body. From morning, when we switch off our alarm clock, to evening when we activate it, our mobile phone is always within hand’s reach.

And these figures prove it:

- On average, we spend 58 minutes on the internet every day which we access through our smartphone

- 50% of all mobile users use their smartphone to check their personal or professional email

- 44% of all consumers have already used their phone in store to compare prices with e-commerce sites

- It has also become a real promotional channel, with 42% of mobile users stating that they have already used mobile coupons in 2015


Mobile, your best ally in all your marketing automation strategies...

Nowadays mobile devices account for over 50% of global web usage. Instead of just being a device, mobile has become a behavior. And advertisers were quick to pick up this, using this channel increasingly to develop “real time marketing strategies” that offer an infinite range of communication opportunities and some surprising results.

Some key figures for SMS messaging:

- 20% of mobile users who received a promotional text message have already clicked it

- 90% of all SMS messages are read within 10 minutes after they were sent

- An ad that is sent by SMS has a 60% retention rate and a 95% opening rate


... to improve the experience for your customers and prospects

Every brand is constantly looking for ways to deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right place. Mobile plays a key role in this strategy. To ensure messages have the desired impact, they must be pushed to customers through the right channels. Messages that are more targeted and more personalized become more relevant as a result.

Thanks to mobile’s wide range of options, including SMS messaging, app, push, geolocation, email and QR code, advertisers can engage with their contacts through a constantly growing number of channels. Marketers must therefore use a marketing automation platform that can collect, orchestrate and push the right message to consumers through these various channels.



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Mobile Marketing Infographic


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