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It all comes down to timing

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What day of the week and around what time should I send my e-mail campaign to obtain the best results?

 It’s a question marketeers keep asking themselves. The moment of sending is capital for the opening rate and click through rate. Some marketers live by sendings on a particular day of the week, at a very particular time: often Tuesday or Thursday around noon. By the way, we note that most of the sending on our ACTITO platform happen on those two days.

Who is right? Everybody and yet nobody! There is no unique rule. The ideal moment of sending depends above all on who you’re sending it to.

The activity sector, decisive for the opening time
The first element that determines the ideal sending moment is your activity sector.
Tendencies vary from the B2B to the B2C sector. They even vary within each sector and the ideal sending moment may be very different.

In the BtoB sector, e-mail campaigns are generally sent in the morning because at mornings are usually devoted to the mailbox management. Of course, there are exceptions.
For example, professionals from the medical sector have very different habits. Indeed, mornings, evenings but also beginning of the afternoons are dedicated to consultation and visits. A/B testing showed that 4.00 pm is the ideal hour to send them e-mails.

In the B2C sector, there is a large variety of cases.

For mass media, the opening rate race is open. It’s all about who will send his newsletter the earliest since there is a “news premium”. Sometimes, e-mails are sent too early! A sort of agreement has been reached within certain media to program sending at 10.00 am, the coffee break.

For e-commerces, there is no rule but we note a sending peak on Friday, beginning of the weekend.

Nonetheless, for all categories, week days are favoured. Much less campaigns are sent on weekends although it’s a good timing opportunity.

The weight of devices
Today, most of consumers use more than one screen along the day. The first consulted screen is of course the mobile phone.  A growing proportion of people claims to consult their e-mail when they get up. When brief, morning e-mail campaigns can be particularly efficient. 

During the day, many consumers are active on a professional screen and they usually read their e-mail during their lunch time and between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

When the evening comes, tablets are used a second screen, the first one being the TV screen. But consumers are more receptive to more elaborated contents. 

In the weekend, the tablet again (the real family tool) is also used a lot. Weekends remain unexploited by marketers although it would be a good opportunity for e-mails from e-commerces.

With automatic e-mails, sending time is also critical
When e-mails are programmed, timing is important. A question that keeps coming up is the one concerning the ideal waiting time to send an abandoned cart e-mail. Once more, marketers don’t agree. Some claim that the delay should be as short as possible, other say you have to let some time to the consumer to avoid the feeling of pressure.

For a retail giant, we’ve performed AB testings on abandoned cart scenarios with different delays, keeping omnichannel in mind. The abandoned carts included food and non food. We were surprised by the results: the time between the moment the cart is abandoned and the email has only little impact on the conversion. But, when we had a look at the consumers’ habits, we noted that most of them pick up their groceries at the shop at the beginning of the weekend even though they placed the order on Monday. The ideal time to send an email would thus be Thursday in order to maximize the conversion.

How much would you like sending your e-mail at the exact moment your customer is online? It’s all possible with the live sending solution developed by ACTITO. Flags present on our partners’ sites alert ACTITO whenever your customer is online. This can launch the sending of your e-mail at the best moment.

The results for the e-mail campaigns sent with Stand Up are incredible. Inactive addresses for example have reached more than 15% of opening rates. Those addresses weren’t used anymore because opening rates were close to 0%. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to obtain more information on our unique offer!