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Join us at SaaStock Dublin!

Written by Jonathan Wuurman

Twitter: @jonwuu

SaaStock Dublin 2019

You surely know the SaaStock Dublin event, the famous community regrouping SaaS actors that aims at helping them gain traction and grow their business. Good news, some of our ACTITO people will join the community this year, on October 14-16 to meet you, share with you and discuss inspiring and measurable strategies.


ACTITO never missed a SaaStock, but what is so special about it?


Since 2016, we, ACTITO, are part of that incredible community. Benoit De Nayer, one of our Founder, was the first one to attend the event, back in 2016. I will always remember what he said “Jonathan, you cannot image this is so incredible, Alec (owner of SaaStock) has managed to gather the most inspiring companies from the Saas industry in Dublin and those people connect, share, and learn from each other like you would do with your friends with a good beer.


Benoit is clearly the most enthusiastic founder I know. He breeds and lives his passion of entrepreneurship and is always looking to have an impact through technology but he always puts the Human back in the story. When he came back from his first SaaStock trip, he told us so many great things about what he had learned during the presentations or in the networking events. So, naturally, he decided to bring a couple of his employees to the event. In 2017, we were four, mostly people from the Product Team, like Denis Auquier and Alain Dresse, and I was also part of the trip.

When I arrived there, I could feel special, a kind of vibe from Dublin that is so unique. Well, I cannot put words on it, it’s like putting a foot on the US field without losing that European blood, all of it with this speacial Irish touch. All of these make it so unique to be there.

First day at SaaStock is the SaaS City. No Sales pitches, only practical, actionable tactics and tips for you to bring home and start applying them. As far as I'm concerned, I enjoyed going into the Growth track with Denis and we had the chance to listen to Guillaume Cabane. This guy had so much energy, ideas and a real special approach to the business. His approach about how to use technology by mixing it with psychology is just mind-blowing. For example, I learned from him than bringing a hot drink makes people more likely to listen to you and of course, buy from you. He is also great to understand the underlayers of the velocity or the data completion to have them sort you the best lead out of your funnel. He has simply shared so much that you just want to get back back to work, with your computer and try everything he talked about on your own and see if you can impact your business. That was kind of my “Ahah” moment, it was not about copying what he told us but more about trying tactics that could have an actual impact on your business. This is probably at that moment that I knew that my job will always be at the center of product, sales and marketing. Guillaume is really the mad scientist, he did not just share, he inspired. It was so inspiring and tangible that even our Product design Denis was doubting if he shouldn’t shift to marketing at some point.


On the other hand Alain, our head of product, joined another track and learned so much about pricing approaches, dos and don’ts and some other elements you mostly never take the time to dive in. Patrick Campbell was is mentor, Alain was so excited about everything he could learned and was totally energized and full of ideas on how to break that complex topic for us. I remember him slicing every moment of his day and sharing with us when we were at the restaurant. That kind of vibe...I was never able to find it back in any other conferences. 


This was day one, the SaaStock.City, it’s like the appetizers because it is followed by two full days class. Yes, I used the word class because you will learn so much in such a small time that you will have that feeling of being back at school. The good thing about it, is that the topics are very wide with different tracks but always with outstanding people that never sale. They inspire, share and do everything except the selling. You might be learning about how to do better sales, but they don’t try to sell you something from the stage it’s about you and not them. 


Of course, you have also the fun part, with great parties organized in the city, some directly by SaaStock, others by some vendors. They try to become top of mind and see if they can help you with your challenges. I will share with you what happened with the guys from Bynder.

Bynder is an asset management company from Amsterdam. They did a presentation about how they approached the business, scale the team, trained it, etc. We, at ACTITO, were really impressed by their technology and the fact that they had European origins. They made us want to connect with them in order to look at different opportunities together. Two years later, we are proud to say that we have a real partnership, and that we have integrated their solution in our platform to deliver a better experience to our clients but also to help their clients leverage their assets. We act every day to help marketers deliver the expected personalization that clients deserve and claim. 


I guess you get the picture by now: SaaStock is unique. I’m or we are totally into what Alec and his team craft every year. We feel like we're at home when we are with all these people. We learn, we share, we connect and at the end we all try to deliver better products, services and experiences to the market. It might be a bit fairy tale style, but this is really our feeling. Some people tag SaaStock like the Disneylands for SaaS. Well, this is probably the best image!


I could write another 1000 words about it and tell you everything that happened when I went back there with our other Co-Founder Kenya Rose, like: our round table in front of the startup area, our partnership with If you ask for it, just tell me and I will write it down for you. But I really hope that I was able not only to share why we go there, but also to show how thankful I am that SaaStock exists and that I’m grateful that Benoit rewired us every single year.  



By the way, ACTITOis sponsoring the Co-working area: a 72 square meters, where everybody can connect, work, share. This year, we wanted to bring a bigger Belgium presence but started a bit late to make it a blast. We decided to go agile and lean, we start with the coworking space under the Belgium flag and next year we will be on something big. If you want to join, we have a great discount for you, just ping me. We also want to put the Belgium eco-system in the spot by maybe having a shared sweatshirt with the logo of the companies. SaaStock is already happening on October 15, so don't wait up to confirm your presence and get your ticket!