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Lunch Garden shares its experience with Gondola Magazine !


Lunch Garden and its marketing automation strategy 

How to create a real dialog with clients? 

It all started in 2014 when Lunch Garden decided to adopt a marketing automation strategy in order to know their clients better and increase insight on their marketing ROI.



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Lunch Garden and ACTITO: long story short

ACTITO was implemented in 2014. The goal was to create a real dialog with Lunch Garden's clients and to know who they are in details so that the communication would be more targeted. 

It didn't take long, the Belgian brand quickly noticed  that the engagement rate grew while the number of clients who unsubscribed started to fall. The conclusion? Marketing automation with ACTITO works. 

Lunch Garden has built a relevant dialog with its clients thanks to good communication, efficient teamwork, continuous improvements with ACTITO.  And it's getting stronger and stronger.

What Lunch Garden says about us (in DUTCH)

"ACTITO is meer dan een instrument. Het is de beste manier om de klant op t volgen en zijn gedrag en voorkeuren te leren kennen."

Annick Van Overstraeten, CEO Lunch Garden.

"De traditionele marketing kan echter effici├źnter gemaakt worden dankzij de gegevens die door ACTITO gegenereerd worden."

Annick Van Overstraeten, CEO Lunch Garden. 

"We wilden de ROI onder controle houden. Geautomatiseerde marketing leek ons de ideale tool om geïndividualiseerde en meetbare acties op touw te zetten."

Annick Van Overstraeten, CEO Lunch Garden.


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