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Marketing text messages are still popular

Although many instant message services have appeared over the years, text messages are still very popular amongst marketers. 

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Marketing text messages are still popular
Although many other mobile communication ways have showed up, text message campaigns remain popular for marketers mainly because they are easy to set up. The first text message was sent more than 20 years ago. Of course, instant message services such as WhatsApp or Snapchat have impacted the number of text messages sent between consumers. But marketing text messages have not diminished, on the contrary! It is forecasted that about 8 trillion messages will be sent this year!

WhatsApp and coffee :)

A record engagement rate
Text message has this one particularity: 98% of the sent messages are opened. E-mail marketers are astonished by those figures! So, if you take the price by opened message, Text message is less expensive than it looks.

Unlimited personalization opportunities thanks to marketing automation
Content personalization opportunities offered by text messages are of course limited by the authorized size. But then again, integrated in a marketing automation strategy, the combination of consecutive messages enables you to tell great interactive and personalized stories to your consumers according to their buying journey, the context…

Scenario SMS

Watch out for pitfalls
According to the Law, text messages are “electronic messages” and therefore, they require the same permission of the user as for e-mails. This permission can be given implicitly. However, text messages have to give the opportunity to the users to unsubscribe by sending a simple “Stop” message. Moreover, when a consumer sends “contact”, the operator has to send back a message including his registration number with the Registry of Companies, the company name and the Client Service contact details.

Furthermore, in some countries, the law provides particular schedules for the sending of the text messages. In France for example, promotional text messages cannot be sent between 8.30 pm and 8.00 am during calendar days, neither on Sundays or public holidays. This obligation is not easy to implement, particularly when launching international campaigns. By the way, in that case, the display of international characters will sometimes require more than one character, which reduces the room reserved to the core message. Even more annoying, it could trigger the sending of two messages on some platforms.


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