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Vtech chooses ACTITO for its marketing automation strategy

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ACTITO assists VTech, specialized in electronic toys, in developing a marketing automation strategy

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ACTITO, the agile marketing automation omnichannel platform (e-mail, SMS, push, call center, print, web, etc.) was chosen by the VTech Group, a multinational specializing in electronic toys, learning toys, cordless and corded phone and contract manufacturing services and the 5th largest toy manufacturer in France. The ACTITO teams now assist the company in developing a marketing automation strategy, designed to increase customer engagement and the conversion rate, by better managing its databases and optimizing its e-mail targeting.

" We chose to work with ACTITO because of the structured support it provides on the project management level. On the one hand, the teams took our problem, our needs and our restrictions into account. GDPR compliance is also crucial for us, on the other hand, and ACTITO can definitely help us with this " says Sandrine Roucheray, VTech’s Digital Marketing Manager. 

"Thanks to our platform, VTech’s teams can now generate information from their website, more specifically about orders and cart abandonments, something which they couldn’t do in the past. We are currently developing more far-reaching scripts, using children’s ages for example, so they can offer their customers adapted products as time goes on. ", says Marc Désenfant, CEO of ACTITO France.