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Winter Release 2016

We have lots of good news for you this winter to help streamline your targeting and make your email campaigns run faster and more smoothly.

Email-ready content in under five minutes with RSS

Everyone knows that getting content email-ready is a tiresome, time-consuming job.  Now, with ACTITO, you can automatically fill your newsletter with the latest content from an RSS feed, including images and links – and update, modify or delete any of the new content, as and when you need. 

All you need is an RSS feed and an RSS-ready template. For occasional use (say, monthly), choose the basic RSS feed to populate any block of content. Basic RSS is available on all new standard HTML templates as of this month. 











As well as our basic RSS, we also offer custom HTML templates which can be completely filled in a single click – ideal to create daily or weekly newsletters. 



Want to go even further? Ask us about advanced automation of your newsletter, including a streamlined version of your workflow.

Four new HTML templates

A little gift to cover most of your email needs. 

Winter Release

At least 60 percent of your emails fall into one of three categories: welcome letters, promotional campaigns and event alerts. So we’ve designed four tailored HTML templates to match – and are offering them to you just in time for Christmas. And, as always, our HTML templates are pixel perfect and will give top quality rendering in 90% of email clients.

This free template pack has been added to all ACTITO licenses, so check them out!


A consolidated view of your data

It’s handy for you to have a comprehensive view of how data is set up in your license. That’s why we built the Datamart Visualizer, to help you see through the complexity and examine data structure in real time from a marketing perspective. 

Datamart ACTITO

Our new Datamart Visualizer puts business intelligence in front of you in seconds. Use it to find the data you need to create targeted campaigns. To activate your Datamart Visualizer, please contact your Account & Project Manager.


Build smarter campaigns

We’ve made some important changes to our targeting and scenario modules to make them work faster and smarter.

New targeting modules

With three new modules – scenarios, goals and advanced campaign targeting –  it’s suddenly got a whole lot easier to target your customers at the right time with the right message.

Scenarios : Directly target a group of customer profiles based on their behavior in a scenario.
Example:  email everyone who took up your welcome offer over the past three months and then push them to the welcomed customer segment to trigger your loyalty program.

Goals : Research all those contacts presenting a certain behavior on your website and use it as a trigger for a scenario-based campaign.
Example: send a follow-up email to all those who downloaded your brochure or who visited your site at least twice last month to check everything’s OK. Seize the opportunity to take things further.
Advanced email campaigns : Research, target and segment campaigns according to customers’ email behavior.
Example: search across all campaigns within a group, or search on a clicked URL. Use this to discover all those visitors interested in sports, for instance: just search all those who clicked on URLs containing the keyword ‘sports’. Then, to narrow it down to the ones who were seriously interested:  find out who clicked at least twice over the last 30 days to access a sports-related article.

Updated scenario module

With a brand-new engine in charge, your scenarios now run smoother and faster. What’s more, we’ve developed an easier way for you to correct (but not replace) an automated email, even if several scenarios use it. Just find your email in the ‘in progress’ section, right-click on it and choose ‘correct campaign’. It’s that simple.