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Your ACTITO journey

Meet the experts

photo © ACTITO, Agile Marketing Automation


Right-sourced support underpins your marketing strategy wherever you are on your journey.

Your customer success manager (CSM) works with you for the whole of your marketing automation journey, and is able to mobilize all the specialist expertise we have in our organization to support you. Relevant help, advice and guidance is always available through the appropriate channels – dedicated support helplines, project reviews (remote or on site) video training, release notes, onboarding workshops and strategic planning.


Marketing automation is obviously an evolving process. And we’re with you every step of the way.

ACTITO - Step 1 : Set-up

Set-up - Build and start the engine

In as little as four weeks we can have you up and running with your first quick-win campaign that delivers the maximum value with measurable return, for the least amount of time and effort. No need to get IT involved. Unless, of course, you want to.



ACTITO - Step 1 : Onboarding

Onboarding - Learn the controls

Now that you’re on the way, it’s time to start learning just how easy it is to design, launch, run and analyze your one-to-one campaigns. Users get up to speed very quickly, because the platform is intuitive for marketers to work with. We designed it for you, so it works like you do.  



ACTITO - Step 3 : Upgrading

Upgrading - Add more functionality for a smoother, faster ride

No going back now. Successful early campaigns give the confidence to explore and implement deeper, data-driven, multi-channel, personalized journeys. ACTITO is your rocket fuel for one-to-one customer engagement.



ACTITO - Step 4 : Valuing

Valuing - Maximize fuel efficiency and business performance

See how effective ACTITO is in boosting engagement. Discover new ways to get even closer to your customer, even more in tune with their journey with you. While there is no prescribed formula for success – you’re learning as you go along – we can still create a realistic roadmap to keep you on an upward path over the next four years.



ACTITO - Step 5 : Proactivating

Proactivating - Start thinking about tomorrow’s model, today

Your campaigns are outstandingly successful. You’re achieving excellent conversion rates and business and customers feel an affinity with your brand. When things are going this well, it’s tempting to stop there. But in today’s dyamic business landscape, standing still is the fastest way to move backwards. We’ll help you to keep challenging our technology and people to evolve even more imaginative strategies to attract, keep and delight customers all the way.  




GDPR-ready - Keep up to speed with EU-wide legislation

Look out for regular updates about the impact, implications and detail of the legislation in the context of marketing automation, along with our templates for standard clauses, impact assessment tools on personal data protection and training courses for employees. Check our 10 tips to get your business ready for GDPR