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Personalized right-time marketing


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Map your customer’s journey and define triggers that automatically launch data-driven,

personalized messages to them through the right channel – at exactly the right moment.

That’s how you increase customer engagement and boost conversion rates.



Build a relevant dialogue with each customer based on their individual journey

Start a multi-channel conversation at exactly the right moment. Marketing scenarios will automatically trigger a personalized campaign to deliver meaningful offers and propositions to customers that reflect precisely where they are on their journey with you. Those could be: welcome, birthday, satisfaction / net promoter score survey, customer lifecycle, second purchase, upselling, inactivité, and more... 



ACTITO platform - Scenario

Make GDPR compliance easy, thanks to ACTITO’s Marketing Customer Data Platform

ACTITO pulls all the data you need together in a single, integrated marketing database – your GDPR-compliant customer data platform (CDP). There’s no need to worry about data complexity or structure evolving over time. You will have exactly the right data set, updated daily, to trigger, target and personalize your communication for maximum sales impact.


ACTITO Customer Data Platform


Launch personalized campaigns easily with our user-friendly interface

No need for special skills, no long learning curve. ACTITO’s intuitive interface gives every marketer the power to act, measure and react in real time. In just four hours you’ll be able to load data, populate your templates and shoot your first campaign. How’s that for fast payback?




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Create powerful, differentiated marketing programs based on value-based segments

Use lifecycle and recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) analysis – activation, loyalty, commercial pressure, purchase – to tailor and optimize your campaign scenarios and channels to maximize the value of each segment. Any shift in lifecycle or RFM segments will be instantly detected, triggering an automated campaign to build your brand, increase conversion rates and minimize attrition. That’s what we mean by getting up close and personal with customers.


ACTITO platform - Reporting

Go for superior impact with one-to-one content through any channel

Our smart, responsive templates enable you to add a personal touch that makes your customer feel all the more special. Pick a design, play around with colors, add text, upload images and launch your campaign in minutes. Personalize your content in real time based on customer behavior, preferences, or changes in seasons, weather, location, and more.



Marketing Automation Platform - Personalized Campaigns


Discover how subtle changes in personalized content across all communication channels – e-mail, SMS, Push, web, etc. - can transform a one-time customer into a loyal ambassador for your brand.



ACTITO - A multi-channel marketing platform



Measure your marketing results in real time

Are your campaigns delivering results? We give you clear and simple dashboards for continuously tracking campaign or scenario conversion rates. Watch, in real time, how your strategy impacts segment transformation and business performance. You can track results at any level including segment or channel and, have a string of campaigns ready to go, however things change.

ACTITO platform - Population pyramid

Maximize the impact of every marketing action to boost your return on investment

The more you test, learn and iterate, the smarter and more agile you get, and the bigger the return. Insight-based automation gives you time and space to get to know your customers really well, understand their journey and pitch offers to them at exactly the right time on their journey.

ACTITO reporting gives you insightul data about your marketing campaigns

Get on board with the leading platforms for your sector

ACTITO integrates with all popular business-critical tools through extended APIs – including the most complex CRM, ERP, data mining, web analytics and cash register systems. Some of them are : 

E-commerce Platform Magento E-commerce solution PrestaShop CRM & ERP gathering solution Microsoft Dynamics        Data integration and cloud automation platform  Connecting app and automating work tool Zapier


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One platform. Multiple solutions.

ACTITO Pro: automation for today’s marketer

For most mid-market businesses, ACTITO Pro is all the automation you’ll ever need. There’s nothing basic or entry-level about it, it’s a lot more than just mainstream email marketing. Extremely sophisticated and powerful, it’s a fully featured, fully supported, pre-built, B2C platform for designing and launching multi-channel, one-to-one campaigns, regardless of the scale and complexity of the data you’re dealing with. It’s backed by a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) for maximum availability and supported by a dedicated customer success manager and specialists from the ACTITO support team.



ACTITO Enterprise: automation for the discerning marketer

Large national and multinational organizations embarking on major digital transformation journeys often call for a custom-crafted approach to marketing automation and a solution that fits their wider business needs. Our enterprise solution can be built to aggregate data from multiple sources, deploy company-specific apps and implement custom dashboards. We offer you a higher grade service level agreement (SLA) with real time monitoring, online diagnostics and rapid response.

A strategic director and project manager will work alongside your customer success manager to develop a four-year, marketing automation road map to deliver sustained improvements in campaign performance. They will also manage an elevated SLA and provide custom development and maintenance throughout your journey with ACTITO.


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Looking for something more specialized for your market?

We have solutions specific to the marketing needs of different business sectors and already have pre-built platforms to automate marketing for retail, pharma and more. Thanks to our agile 4x4 methodology, we have tailored the ACTITO platform to reflect the unique needs of your business.


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We’re here to help with strategy, technical integration, campaign management and everyday help, advice and support. It takes real teamwork to realise the full power of our cutting edge technology.

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