Designing your 1st party data strategy

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First party data has never been more vital. It lets you know your customers in ways that your competitor can’t. Use this knowledge to offer products, services or content adapted to their tastes. Turn every interaction into a new experience that delivers value, and the customer wants to have again.

This 3-page worksheet will help you to work through key steps to begin designing your own approach to capturing and activating first party data.

Designing your 1st party data strategy

The ABC of designing your 1st party data strategy

First-party data is a crucial element in your customer activation strategy. Rather than grabbing whatever you can, it's important to think about the what, why and how. With this worksheet, you'll ask yourself the questions that matter:

  • What information would you like your customer to tell you?

  • What structure do you need to apply to it?

  • How will you activate the data (and the customer)?

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